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Google Chrome: disabling PPAPI flash

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After updating to the 21st version, Google Chrome by default uses a PPAPI version of the Flash plug-in, which is clearly not perfect yet and may cause some unwanted side effects:

  • hardware acceleration problems (low FPS, low quality of graphics in the game)
  • control problems (delayed response of the tank)
  • disconnections due to «inactivity»
  • random crashes of the plug-in


In the address bar, type about:plugins (or chrome://plugins), press Enter:

Disable PPAPI Flash 1.EN.png

Expand the view (click "Details" in the top right corner):

Disable PPAPI Flash 2.EN.png

Disable the PPAPI version of the Flash plug-in (do not touch anything else), then restart the browser:

Disable PPAPI Flash 3.EN.png

Note: Chrome enables this plug-in after each update, so check the settings before playing the game.